Staff - Professional support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Mr Liam Astley Admin Assistant (recruit & Admissions) 0161-3069371 Williamson Building - 1.42A 
Mr Michael Atherton Senior Recruitment and Admissions Officer Williamson Building 
Ms Gemma Coleman Project Administrator/Administrative Assistant 0161-50401/50372 Williamson Building - G65/G.02 
Ms Lynne Davies Executive Assistant to Head of School / HoSA & EES School Office Manager 0161-2750371 Williamson Building - 1.17 
Ms Angela Entwistle Senior Education Officer 0161-3069391 Williamson Building - 1.46 
Mrs Veronica Buckingham-Bostock Teaching Technician 0161-2752906 Williamson Building - B.08E 
Mrs Carol Jeffery Programmes Administrator 0161-3062758 Williamson Building - 1.42A 
Ms Sara Lockett Research Support Manager 0161-3069379 Williamson Building - 1.04 
Mr Dave Norwood Fieldwork Administrator Williamson Building 
Mr Steven Olivier Staff Williamson Building 
Dr Kofi Owusu Computing Officer Williamson Building 
Miss Julie Samson DTP Administrator 0161-3063936 Simon Building - 3.03 
Miss Janet Steadman Recruitment and Admissions Officer 0161-2753470 Williamson Building - 1.04 
Mr Michael Turner Education Officer Williamson Building - 1.46 
Mrs Laverne Condappa-Ward Programme Administrator Williamson Building - 1.42 
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