Staff - Academic

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Richard Bardgett Professor of Ecology Michael Smith Building 
Dr Stephen Boult Environmental MSc Programme Director 0161-2753867 Williamson Building 
Dr Keith Bower Senior Research Fellow 0161-3063952 Simon Building - 3.06 
Dr Simon Brocklehurst Senior Lecturer in Earth Surface Processes 0161-2753037 Williamson Building 
Dr Kate Brodie Senior Lecturer 0161-2753948 Williamson Building - 1.48 
Prof Terry Brown Professor of Biomolecular Archaeology John Garside Building 
Dr Michael Buckley Senior Research Fellow John Garside Building - 1.023 
Prof Ray Burgess Professor of Isotope Geochemistry 0161-2753958 Williamson Building - G13 
Prof Mike Burton Chair in Volcanology 0161-3066745 Williamson Building - 1.50 
Prof Andrew Chamberlain Professor of Bioarchaeology 0161-3064176 Stopford Building - 3.505 
Prof Thomas Choularton Professor of Atmospheric Physics 0161-3063950 Simon Building - 3.05 
Prof Hugh Coe Professor 0161-3063935 Simon Building - 3.07 
Dr Victoria Coker Lecturer in Environmental Mineralogy 0161-2753803 Williamson Building - G15 
Dr Paul Connolly Reader in Atmospheric Physics Simon Building - 3.08 
Dr Stephen Covey-Crump Senior Lecturer 0161-53945/53823 Williamson Building - G19 
Dr Franciska De Vries BBSRC David Phillips Fellow 0161-3068901 Michael Smith Building - A4034 
Prof Giulio Di Toro Visitor 0161-3066735 Williamson Building - 1.15 
Mrs Amanda Edwards Lecturer 0161-2753825 Williamson Building 
Prof Stephen Flint Professor 0161-3066971 Williamson Building - 2.42 
Prof Martin Gallagher Professor 0161-3063937 Simon Building - 3.09 
Dr Luis Garcia-Carreras Lecturer in Atmospheric Modelling 3063593 Simon Building - 2.02 
Dr Russell Garwood Lecturer in Earth Sciences 0161-3060361 Williamson Building - 1.56 
Dr Tucker Gilman Lecturer in Environmental Biology 0161-2751544 Michael Smith Building - C.1249A 
Prof Jamie Gilmour Professor of Planetary Science 0161-2753681 Williamson Building - 1.72 
Dr Katherine Harrison Teaching Fellow 0161-2753940 Williamson Building 
Dr Katherine Harrison Teaching Fellow 0161-2753940 Williamson Building 
Dr Margaret Hartley Lecturer in Earth Sciences 0161-3066869 Williamson Building - 1.54 
Dr David Hodgetts Reader 0161-2753806 Williamson Building 
Dr Cathy Hollis Reader in Petrophysics and Production Geoscience 0161-3066583 Williamson Building - 2.48 
Prof Colin Hughes Professor Williamson Building 
Prof Mads Huuse Professor 0161-2753811 Williamson Building 
Prof David Johnson Staff 0161-2751555 Michael Smith Building - B4012A 
Dr Giles Johnson Senior lecturer 0161-55750/53916 Michael Smith Building - D.3516 
Dr Rhian Jones Reader in Isotope Geo & Cosmochemistry 0161-2753809 Williamson Building - G.29 
Dr Merren Jones Senior Lecturer, Director of Teaching and Learning 0161-2753943 Williamson Building - 1.70 
Dr Katherine Joy Royal Society University Research Fellow / Reader 0161-2753817 Williamson Building - G17 
Dr Ian Kane Reader in Sedimentology Williamson Building - 2.72 
Dr Christopher Knight Senior Lecturer 0161-2755378 Michael Smith Building - B2.012 
Dr Fabien Knoll Honorary Senior Research Fellow 0161-3067003 Williamson Building - 4.67 
Prof Francis Livens Interim Director, Dalton Nuclear Institute 0161-2754325 Pariser Building - FLOOR G 
Prof Jonathan Lloyd Professor of Geomicrobiology 0161-2757155 Williamson Building 
Prof Ian Lyon Professor of Cosmochemistry 0161-2753942 Williamson Building - 1.68 
Prof Phillip Manning Professor of Natural History (STFC Science in Society Fellow) 0161-2753824 Williamson Building - 4.65 
Prof Gordon Mcfiggans Professor of Atmospheric Multiphase Processes 0161-3063954 Simon Building - 3.10 
Dr Julian Mecklenburgh Lecturer in Structural Geology 0161-2753821 Williamson Building 
Dr Neil Mitchell Reader in Marine Geophysics Williamson Building - 2.46 
Prof Katherine Morris BNFL Research Chair in Geological Disposal. 0161-2757541 Williamson Building - G35 
Dr John Nudds Senior Lecturer in Palaeontology 0161-2757861 Williamson Building - 1.74 
Dr Brian O'Driscoll Senior Lecturer in Petrology 0161-2753828 Williamson Building - 1.19 
Prof Richard Pattrick Professor of Earth Sciences.. Williamson Building 
Dr Alison Pawley Senior Lecturer In Earth Sciences 0161-2753944 Williamson Building - G25 
Dr Jon Pittman Lecturer 0161-2755235 Michael Smith Building 
Dr Margherita Polacci Senior Research Fellow 01612753822 Williamson Building - 2.52 
Prof David Polya Professor of Environmental Geochemistry 0161-2753818 Williamson Building - G27 
Prof Jonathan Redfern Chair of Petroleum Geoscience 0161-2753773 Williamson Building - 2.69 
Dr Clare Robinson Senior Lecturer 0161-2753296 Williamson Building 
Prof Ernest Rutter Professor of Structural Geology 0161-2753945 Williamson Building - B.63 
Dr Robert Sansom Lecturer 0161-2751496 Michael Smith Building 
Dr Stefan Schroeder Senior Lecturer 0161-3066870 Williamson Building - 4.63 
Prof David Schultz Professor of Synoptic Meteorology 0161-3063909 Simon Building - 3.11 
Prof William Sellers Professor of Natural Science 0161-2751719 Michael Smith Building - D1239 
Dr Marina Semchenko Research Fellow 0161-2751152 Michael Smith Building - A4034 
Prof Sam Shaw Professor of Environmental Mineralogy 0161-2753826 Williamson Building - G23 
Dr Susanne Shultz Senior Research Fellow 0161-2753903 Michael Smith Building - D.1238 
Dr Romain Tartese Research Fellow 0161-2756908 Williamson Building - 1.13 
Prof Kevin Taylor Head of School 0161-2758557 Williamson Building 
Dr Bart Van dongen Reader in Organic Geochemistry 0161-3067460 Williamson Building - 2.50 
Prof David Vaughan Emeritus Professor Williamson Building - 4.61 
Prof Geraint Vaughan Professor Of Atmospheric Science 0161-3063931 Simon Building - 3.04 
Dr Catherine Walton Senior Lecturer 0161-2751533 Michael Smith Building 
Prof Ann Webb Associate Dean, Graduate Education Simon Building 
Dr Keith White Senior Lecturer Michael Smith Building 
Prof Roy Wogelius Professor of Geochemistry Williamson Building 
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