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Name Role Tel Location Email
Alfarra, Rami Dr Research Fellow & NCAS Scientist 0161-3068398 Simon Building - 4.32 
Allan, James Dr Senior Research Fellow 0161-3068532 Simon Building - 4.33 
Allen, Grant Dr Reader 0161-3063945 Simon Building - 3.14 
Antonescu, Adrian Dr Research Associate 0161-3063911 Simon Building - 3.16 
Arzilli, Fabio Dr Research Associate 
Astley, Liam Mr Admin Assistant (recruit & Admissions) 0161-3069371 Williamson Building - 1.42A 
Atherton, Michael Mr Senior Recruitment and Admissions Officer Williamson Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Bagshaw, Heath Dr Senior Experimental Officer 0161-3061702 Williamson Building - B08D 
Bardgett, Richard Prof Professor of Ecology Michael Smith Building 
Bewsher, Alastair Mr Senior Technician 0161-2750387 Williamson Building - 1.25A 
Boothman, Christopher Mr Experimental Officer Williamson Building 
Boult, Stephen Dr Environmental MSc Programme Director 0161-2753867 Williamson Building 
Bower, Keith Dr Senior Research Fellow 0161-3063952 Simon Building - 3.06 
Bowman, Mike Prof Honorary Visiting Professor 
Brocklehurst, Simon Dr Senior Lecturer in Earth Surface Processes 0161-2753037 Williamson Building 
Brodie, Kate Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-2753948 Williamson Building - 1.48 
Brown, Terry Prof Professor of Biomolecular Archaeology John Garside Building 
Brunt, Rufus Dr Lecturer (Teaching Focused) 0161-3066816 Williamson Building 
Buckingham-Bostock, Veronica Mrs Teaching Technician 0161-2752906 Williamson Building - B.08E 
Buckley, Michael Dr Senior Research Fellow John Garside Building - 1.023 
Burgess, Ray Prof Professor of Isotope Geochemistry 0161-2753958 Williamson Building - G13 
Burton, Mike Prof Chair in Volcanology 0161-3066745 Williamson Building - 1.50 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Chamberlain, Andrew Prof Professor of Bioarchaeology 0161-3064176 Stopford Building - 3.505 
Chandler, Mike Mr Research Associate Williamson Building - 2.69 
Choularton, Thomas Prof Professor of Atmospheric Physics 0161-3063950 Simon Building - 3.05 
Clay, Patricia Dr Visitor 0161-2756908 Williamson Building - 1.13 
Coe, Hugh Prof Professor 0161-3063935 Simon Building - 3.07 
Coffey, Paul Dr Research Associate The Mill 
Coker, Victoria Dr Lecturer in Environmental Mineralogy 0161-2753803 Williamson Building - G15 
Coleman, Gemma Ms Project Administrator/Administrative Assistant 0161-50401/50372 Williamson Building - G65/G.02 
Condappa-Ward, Laverne Mrs Programme Administrator Williamson Building - 1.42 
Connolly, Paul Dr Reader in Atmospheric Physics Simon Building - 3.08 
Covey-Crump, Stephen Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-53945/53823 Williamson Building - G19 
Cowpe, John Dr Senior Experimental Officer 0161-2750384 Williamson Building - G67 
Cox, Filipa Dr Research Associate Williamson Building - 1.21 
Crawford, Ian Dr Research Associate 0161-3066850 Simon Building 
Crosier, Jonathan Dr Senior Research Fellow 0161-3068398 Simon Building - 4.32 
Crowther, Sarah Dr Research Fellow 0161-56908/50385 Williamson Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Davies, Catherine Mrs Health and Safety Advisor, Technical Services Manager 0161-3066573 Williamson Building - B08B 
Davies, Lynne Ms Executive Assistant to Head of School / HoSA & EES School Office Manager 0161-2750371 Williamson Building - 1.17 
De Vries, Franciska Dr BBSRC David Phillips Fellow 0161-3068901 Michael Smith Building - A4034 
Dearden, Christopher Dr Research Fellow 0161-3063911 Simon Building - 3.16 
Dorsey, James Dr Research Fellow 0161-3063905 Simon Building - 1.02 
Dowey, Patrick Dr Research Associate Williamson Building 
Downie, Helen Dr Project Manager (n8 Agri-food) Sackville Street Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Edwards, Amanda Mrs Lecturer 0161-2753825 Williamson Building 
Edwards, Stephen Dr Visitor 
Egerton, Victoria Dr Visitor Williamson Building 
Entwistle, Angela Ms Senior Education Officer 0161-3069391 Williamson Building - 1.46 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Fairman, Jonathan Dr Research Associate 0161-3063911 Simon Building 
Fawcett, Lydia Dr Staff 0161-2750384 Williamson Building - G67 
Fellowes, Jonathan Dr Senior Experimental Officer 0161-2753814 Williamson Building - B08F 
Finch, Emma Dr Senior Computing Officer Williamson Building 
Flint, Stephen Prof Professor 0161-3066971 Williamson Building - 2.42 
Flynn, Michael Dr Senior Experimental Officer 0161-3063905 Simon Building - 1.02 
Frey, Wiebke Dr Research Associate 3062470 Simon Building - 2.03 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Gale, Barry Mr Technician 0161-3063956 Simon Building - WORKSHOP. G06 
Gallagher, Martin Prof Professor 0161-3063937 Simon Building - 3.09 
Garwood, Russell Dr Lecturer in Earth Sciences 0161-3060361 Williamson Building - 1.56 
Gifford, Danna Dr Research Associate Michael Smith Building 
Gilman, Tucker Dr Lecturer in Environmental Biology 0161-2751544 Michael Smith Building - C.1249A 
Gilmour, Jamie Prof Professor of Planetary Science 0161-2753681 Williamson Building - 1.72 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Harrison, Katherine Dr Teaching Fellow 0161-2753940 Williamson Building 
Hartley, Margaret Dr Lecturer in Earth Sciences 0161-3066869 Williamson Building - 1.54 
Hodgetts, David Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-2753806 Williamson Building 
Holland, Greg Dr Senior Lecturer in Terrestrial Noble Gas Geochemistry Williamson Building 
Hollis, Cathy Dr Reader in Petrophysics and Production Geoscience 0161-3066583 Williamson Building - 2.48 
Hu, Dawei Dr Research Associate Simon Building 
Hughes, Colin Prof Professor Williamson Building 
Huuse, Mads Prof Professor 0161-2753811 Williamson Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Jeffery, Carol Mrs Programmes Administrator 0161-3062758 Williamson Building - 1.42A 
Jerrett, Rhodri Dr Lecturer in Geology 0161-3066816 Williamson Building - 2.44 
Johnson, David Prof Staff 0161-2751555 Michael Smith Building - B4012A 
Johnson, Giles Dr Senior lecturer 0161-55750/53916 Michael Smith Building - D.3516 
Jonas, Peter Prof Emeritus Professor 0161-3063930 Sackville Street Building 
Jones, Hazel Mrs Research Associate Simon Building 
Jones, Merren Dr Senior Lecturer, Director of Teaching and Learning 0161-2753943 Williamson Building - 1.70 
Jones, Rhian Dr Reader in Isotope Geo & Cosmochemistry 0161-2753809 Williamson Building - G.29 
Joy, Katherine Dr Royal Society University Research Fellow / Reader 0161-2753817 Williamson Building - G17 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Kane, Ian Dr Reader in Sedimentology Williamson Building - 2.72 
Kennedy, Sandra Mrs Technician 
Kift, Richard Dr Research Associate 0161-3068770 Simon Building - 2.11 
Kimber, Richard Dr Research Associate in Geomicrobiology 0161-2750760 Williamson Building 
Knight, Christopher Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-2755378 Michael Smith Building - B2.012 
Knoll, Fabien Dr Marie Curie Senior Researcher 0161-3067003 Williamson Building - 4.67 


Name Role Tel Location Email
La spina, Giuseppe Dr Research Associate Williamson Building 
Latham, John Dr Senior Lecturer Kilburn Building - 2.81 
Lavallee, Jocelyn Dr Research Associate 0161-2751484 Michael Smith Building 
Liu, Dantong Dr Research Associate Simon Building - 4.02 
Livens, Francis Prof Interim Director, Dalton Nuclear Institute 0161-2754325 Pariser Building - FLOOR G 
Lloyd, Jonathan Prof Professor of Geomicrobiology 0161-2757155 Williamson Building 
Lockett, Sara Ms Research Support Manager 0161-3069379 Williamson Building - 1.04 
Lowe, Douglas Dr Research Associate Simon Building 
Lyon, Ian Prof Professor of Cosmochemistry 0161-2753942 Williamson Building - 1.68 
Lythgoe, Paul Mr Senior Experimental Officer 0161-2753834 Williamson Building - 1.22A 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Manning, Phillip Prof Professor of Natural History (STFC Science in Society Fellow) 0161-2753824 Williamson Building - 4.65 
May, Steven Mr Experimental Officer 0161-2753945 Williamson Building - B.63 
Mcfiggans, Gordon Prof Professor of Atmospheric Multiphase Processes 0161-3063954 Simon Building - 3.10 
Mecklenburgh, Julian Dr Lecturer in Structural Geology 0161-2753821 Williamson Building 
Mitchell, Neil Dr Reader in Marine Geophysics Williamson Building - 2.46 
Morgan, William Dr Post-Doctoral Research Associate 0161-3066586 Simon Building - 4.27 
Morris, Katherine Prof BNFL Research Chair in Geological Disposal. 0161-2757541 Williamson Building - G35 
Mosselmans, Frederick Prof Visitor 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Nichman, Leonid Mr Staff Simon Building 
Nixon, Sophie Dr Research Associate in Geomicrobiology Williamson Building - 1.55 
Norton, Emily Dr AMF Instrument Scientist 
Norwood, Dave Mr Fieldwork Administrator Williamson Building 
Nudds, John Dr Senior Lecturer in Palaeontology 0161-2757861 Williamson Building - 1.74 


Name Role Tel Location Email
O'Driscoll, Brian Dr Senior Lecturer in Petrology 0161-2753828 Williamson Building - 1.19 
O'shea, Sebastian Dr Research Associate Simon Building 
Olivier, Steven Mr Head of School Administration Williamson Building 
Owusu, Kofi Dr Computing Officer Williamson Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Palmer, Karren Dr Research Technician 0161-3062585 John Garside Building 
Pattrick, Richard Prof Professor of Earth Sciences.. Williamson Building 
Paul, Lee Mr Mech Workshop Tech & Dep Estates Liaison Simon Building 
Pawley, Alison Dr Senior Lecturer In Earth Sciences 0161-2753944 Williamson Building - G25 
Pernet-Fisher, John Dr Research Associate 0161-2756908 Williamson Building - 1.13 
Pitt, Joseph Mr Research Associate 0161-2754347 Simon Building - 4.35 
Pittman, Jon Dr Lecturer 0161-2755235 Michael Smith Building 
Polacci, Margherita Dr Senior Research Fellow 01612753822 Williamson Building - 2.52 
Polya, David Prof Professor of Environmental Geochemistry 0161-2753818 Williamson Building - G27 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Queisser, Manuel Dr Research Associate 0161-2750778 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Redfern, Jonathan Prof Chair of Petroleum Geoscience 0161-2753773 Williamson Building - 2.69 
Richards, Laura Dr Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow 
Ricketts, Hugo Dr Research Fellow 0161-3063911 Simon Building 
Rimmer, John Dr Project Officer 0161-3063906 Simon Building - 2.11 
Robinson, Clare Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-2753296 Williamson Building 
Rutter, Ernest Prof Professor of Structural Geology 0161-2753945 Williamson Building - B.63 
Ruzie, Lorraine Dr Research Associate 0161-2756908 Williamson Building - 1.13 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Samson, Julie Miss DTP Administrator 0161-3063936 Simon Building - 3.03 
Sansom, Robert Dr Lecturer 0161-2751496 Michael Smith Building 
Schroeder, Stefan Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-3066870 Williamson Building - 4.63 
Schultz, David Prof Professor of Synoptic Meteorology 0161-3063909 Simon Building - 3.11 
Sellers, William Prof Professor of Natural Science 0161-2751719 Michael Smith Building - D1239 
Semchenko, Marina Dr Research Fellow 0161-2751152 Michael Smith Building - A4034 
Shaw, Sam Prof Reader in Environmental Mineralogy 0161-2753826 Williamson Building - G23 
Shultz, Susanne Dr Senior Research Fellow 0161-2753903 Michael Smith Building - D.1238 
Sigee, David Dr Visiting Research Fellow 0161-2753906 Stopford Building - 3.540 
Small, Joe Prof Visitor 
Smedley, Andrew Dr Research Associate 0161-3068770 Simon Building - 2.11 
Starczewska, Dagmara Dr Research Associate 0161-2750760 Williamson Building - 1.55 
Steadman, Janet Miss Recruitment and Admissions Officer 0161-2753470 Williamson Building - 1.04 
Stockley, Stephen Mr Technician (Thin Section) 0161-2753839 Williamson Building 
Straathof, Angela Dr Research Associate 0161-2751484 Michael Smith Building - A4030 
Street, Kathryn Dr Research Staff Williamson Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Tartese, Romain Dr Research Fellow 0161-2756908 Williamson Building - 1.13 
Taylor, Jonathan Dr Research Associate 0161-3062490 Simon Building 
Taylor, Kevin Prof Head of School 0161-2758557 Williamson Building 
Theis, Karen Dr Senior Analytical Technician 0161-2753814 Williamson Building - SEAES B08F 
Topping, David Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-3066850 Simon Building - 4.02 
Treagus, Susan Dr Visitor Williamson Building 
Turner, Grenville Prof Emeritus Professor 0161-2750401 Williamson Building - G56 
Turner, Michael Mr Education Officer Williamson Building - 1.46 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Van dongen, Bart Dr Reader in Organic Geochemistry 0161-3067460 Williamson Building - 2.50 
Vaughan, David Prof Emeritus Professor Williamson Building - 4.61 
Vaughan, Geraint Prof Professor Of Atmospheric Science 0161-3063931 Simon Building - 3.04 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Walton, Catherine Dr Senior Lecturer 0161-2751533 Michael Smith Building 
Webb, Ann Prof Associate Dean, Graduate Education Simon Building 
White, Keith Dr Senior Lecturer Michael Smith Building 
Williams, Paul I Dr Research Fellow 0161-3063905 Simon Building - 1.02 
Wogelius, Roy Prof Professor of Geochemistry Williamson Building 


Name Role Tel Location Email
Zussman, Jack Prof Visitor 
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