Tom Lynch

Programme: MEarthSci Earth Sciences – Geology Pathway

Graduation: 2006

Employment: PhD Student at the Low Carbon Technologies Doctoral Training Centre

I am using software and modelling techniques only available to very few universities and companies around the world.

My PhD

“Prior to my current position I undertook an Engineering MSc at The University of Manchester and worked for two years as an Assistant Geotechnical Engineer at Scott Wilson. This has provided me with a varied background across Earth Sciences and Engineering. The application process for my current role was highly competitive and I gained one of only six places on the first intake of the course.

“My current role is on a cross disciplinary PhD investigating the geological storage of CO2 as part of a Carbon Capture and Storage scheme for low carbon power generation. My current role requires knowledge and research within Earth Science fields and applies this to the engineering problem of storing large volumes of waste CO2 in the geosphere.

“The project I work on involves building geological and geomechanical models for offshore CO2 storage reservoirs and modelling the response of these reservoirs to CO2 injection activities using advanced computer modelling techniques and offshore field data.

“I really enjoy the unique work I am carrying out as part of my PhD, I am using software and modelling techniques only available to very few universities and companies around the world.

Life as an undergraduate

“The most enjoyable part of the MEarthSci course for me was the field trips, including a six week independent mapping trip to Spain. Not only were the trips a great opportunity to get to know other people on the course, they also took me to some really interesting places. I felt that I had a much better course-based social life than many of my other friends who took different courses at University.

“Another part of the course that I really enjoyed was the independent project component in the final year, this involved working with academic members of staff, and has directly influenced my career path, I also made contacts in this project that enabled me to go on a three week trip to Switzerland as a field assistant after the end of my course.

“My current project is based in an engineering department; however the majority of the background to my project is directly based on my training as a geologist. My final year modules choices and project working in the Rock Deformation Laboratory at Manchester directly influenced my career choices and current project.

“I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who has an interest in Earth Sciences, I look back on some of the experiences of the course as some of the best and most interesting parts of my academic career.”

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