Ruairidh Salmon

Ruairidh Salmon: student spotlight

Programme: Petroleum Geoscience for Exploration

Graduation: 2016

Employment: Exploration Geoscientist (Intern) at Statoil ASA

"The MSc provided me with a more technical understanding of petroleum systems, geophysics, sedimentology and stratigraphy along with experience of working within an international team."

Prepared for the future

"I studied the MSc in Petroleum Geoscience for Exploration, at the university graduating in 2016. I was fortunate enough to receive one of the industry funded places which the course offers.  The department through their research and staff have close links with the petroleum industry, which provides great opportunities for the students even in a challenging time in the sector. Such links gave me the opportunity to conduct my individual research project within industry, which was an invaluable experience. This internship allowed me to contribute to a major international energy company, while applying the technical skills I gained during the MSc to real tasks and geological problems. This internship also highlighted to me the value of the MSc course, which perfectly prepared me for the industry opportunity, which I achieved great success in."

"Aside from the MSc project, the taught aspect of the course was exceptional. Balancing course material, practical sessions and externally taught modules perfectly. I was fortunate enough to go on the field course to Morocco where we assessed the petroleum potential of the offshore North African Atlantic margin, which in a fairly frontier region felt like an exciting challenge. I was also able to travel to Prague to represent the university and compete in the European Finals of the AAPG Imperial Barrel Award, where universities are placed on a level playing field, given an exploration task, placing 3rd overall. This result being a testament to the quality of teaching which the University of Manchester offers."

"To sum up. On beginning you are told by the course leaders that the forth coming year will be the hardest you will work in your life, but will look back with fond memories. Such a cliche comment you laugh off, but they are not wrong. I left Manchester, having not only been awarded an internationally recognised MSc, but having spent the year working alongside numerous nationalities, gain invaluable experience and left ready to begin a long career in the petroleum industry."

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