Richard Pawson

Graduated BSc Geology and Geography (2004) and PhD Physical Geography (2008)

Programme: BSc Geology and Geography and PhD Physical Geography

Graduation: 2008

Employment: Environmental Modelling Advisor at BP Plc


Make the most of the various opportunities that are open to you...3 years flies by

Are you satisfied with your present career/academic situation?

“Yes, I am very satisfied. I have had a fantastic range of challenging roles and opportunities over the last 9 years, including travelling and working in some very interesting and remote parts of the world. I’ve worked both onshore and offshore, and travelled by plane, helicopter and 4x4. My future career has plenty more paths it may take depending on how I wish to progress and the opportunities that come up."

What did you do immediately after graduating from UoM?

“I joined a graduate scheme with BP, who I have been with since graduating from my PhD."

Where has your career pathway taken you so far?

"Professionally I have been the responsible for running for environmental management activities for specific oil facilities both on and offshore, have led a small team looking after HSE compliance management for a major part of the production business, and have become a chartered environmentalist as an environmental specialistmy current role.

Geographically work has taken me to Scotland, Turkey, The Netherlands, Jordan, Libya, Algeria, Norway and Angola. I’ve been offshore in the North Sea and the Atlantic and have spent time at onshore sites in Shetland and the Sahara Desert. I am now based in the UK head-office west of London." 

If you could start University course again, would you enrol in the University of Manchester and would you follow the same degree?

"Yes and Yes! I loved Manchester as a place to live (which is in my opinion as important as a place to study) and enjoyed both courses I completed."

What would be your advice to incoming students?

"Make the most of the various opportunities that are open to you. Apply for awards, prizes and bursaries, years overseas or exchanges with other universities, volunteering opportunities, mentoring roles – anything that comes up and takes your fancy (or doesn’t, even). Give these things a go to broaden your experience, bolster your CV and give you a better idea of what you want to do next. 3 years flies by."

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