Nick Goodwin

Profile: Earth Sciences [MEarthSci], PhD Isotope Geochemistry

Graduated: 2010

Employment: Geoscientist at BP

I enjoy contributing to projects that can have a big impact for entire countries.

My work

“I joined BP after completing a summer internship with the company during my PhD. I work as a petroleum systems specialist within the geology discipline. This involves the integration of geochemistry with basin modelling to understand how and where petroleum is generated and how it migrates to places where it can be trapped.

“The job requires an understanding of both the fluids and the rocks and tends to focus more towards the exploration part of the energy industry. However, I also do geochemistry work as part of field development and production.

“I enjoy the challenge of solving difficult technical problems. I also enjoy being able to integrate lots of different aspects of geology and contributing to projects that can have a big impact for entire countries.

PhD pursuits

“During my PhD I was fortunate to undertake some fantastic fieldwork in New Zealand but what I enjoyed most was being able to work alongside world class researchers doing really great science.

“Despite my PhD being focused on gold mineralisation rather than the energy industry I have found that a lot of my knowledge from my PhD has been useful. The solid grounding in geochemistry and geology that I obtained has been particularly useful, but also an understanding of how fluids behave in the geological environment has come in handy too.

“Internships are a great route into the energy sector and provide useful experience so are well worth considering. Any activities that you can be involved in that might increase your business awareness are also useful. Most important of all is to get a good all-round foundation in geology. Even whilst specialising in a PhD it is important to maintain your knowledge of the fundamentals across the subject.”

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