Chansopheaktra Sovann

Programme: MPhil

Graduated: 2010

Employment: Lecturer at Department of Environmental Science (DES), Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Cambodia

After you graduate, there is no doubt that your capabilities will be valued worldwide.

Work after graduation

“In 2009 I achieved a full scholarship to study at The University of Manchester, granted by the European Commission-funded Asia-Link project CALIBRE. Under the admirable supervision of Prof David Polya I graduated with satisfactory results in December 2010.

“To date, following my return to my home country, I have been employed as a lecturer at the Department of Environmental Science, RUPP.

“Lecturing at the RUPP gives me the ideal chance to work in the area of my research interest
(environmental modelling, GIS and remote sensing and arsenic pollution in groundwater). I get to broaden my national and international research networks, to share the lessons I’ve learnt, particularly in respect to my research findings, with the next generation of Cambodian academics and I’m to sharpen my knowledge related to my research interest by supervising B.Sc. students for their thesis.

“The most enjoyable thing about my work as a lecturer is that I am able to work independently in scientific research related to my interests. Therefore, I can gain more experiences by working on different assignments.

Made in Manchester

“While studying at Manchester the thing I enjoyed most was working one to one with my supervisor on my scientific research assignment. Because of the close tuition I received I gained a lot of practical feedback that helped to improve my work.

“In my current role I have found all of the skills and knowledge I gained from my degree to be useful. I have gained not only theory but also practical experience, such as experiment conducting in Geochemical labs as well as realistic practice in field work by collecting groundwater samples in Cambodia.

“In my point of view pursuing the M.Phil. in Environmental Geochemistry and Geomicrobiology at The University of Manchester is the best choice to be considered. Not only does it provide an intensive programme but it also precious opportunities to turn the lesson learnt into practice, with modern lab equipment as well as the close supervision of well-known professors. After graduation, there is no doubt that the capability you attain will be valued worldwide.”

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