Alexander Bergfeld

‌Title: Alexander Bergfeld

Programme: BSc Environmental Sciences

Graduated: 2008

‌"The degree in Environmental Sciences helped me to find a job in my field of interest, leading to me building solar parks and artificial oases in the desert of the United Arab Emirates. I would highly recommend this course to students who not only want to understand environmental dynamics but also want to broaden their horizons. 

Manchester was a highly recommendable experience for me. The lecturers were always very warm and welcoming and absolute experts in their fields. The field trip to Tenerife helped me to further strengthen my base in understanding the coherence of environmental processes, an aspect which I often used in my later projects. My most recent activity is the establishment of Ad Solem Acceleration where I and a team of experts offer support in the establishment of business acceleration and innovation programs and help companies survive in times of digitalization and globalization."

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