Research quality

Our research encompasses investigations of the Earth's interior, Earth surface processes, the hydrosphere, the interface with the biosphere, the atmosphere and other bodies in the Solar system. We conduct fundamental studies at scales from the molecular to the global and this knowledge is applied to meet globally important environmental research challenges and to deliver practical solutions to our water, oil and gas, coal, minerals, and nuclear industries.

In the recent Research Evaluation Framework (REF2014) exercise 91% of our overall research activity was rated as internationally excellent, including 29% that is world leading. 

We have strong links with industry that provide students with an extensive range of opportunities.  All of our research activities which are focussed on delivering business or government benefit (impact) were judged to be internationally excellent or world leading through the REF2014 exercise.  

The School has an excellent research environment that includes novel and state of the art instrumentation, laboratories and computer facilities and excels in training and developing the next generation of UK Environmental science researchers.  Our excellent environment for growing research was recognised in the recent REF2014 exercise through a score of 85% (a Grade Point Average of 3.5 from REF2014).

These results confirm that SEES is among the top Earth and Environmental Sciences Departments in the UK.





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