Our international research team has 14 members, with academic staff, fellows, post-doctoral research fellows and PhD students, each studying different aspects of volcanic processes, in volcanoes all over the world. We have strong international collaborations with volcanological institutions and observatories, with very well-established links to Italian volcanoes through INGV Catania (http://www.ct.ingv.it/en/) and Pisa (http://www.pi.ingv.it/), Icelandic volcanoes with IMO (http://en.vedur.is/) and University of Iceland (http://earthice.hi.is/), and Soufriere hills volcano, with MVO (http://www.mvo.ms/), and US volcanoes through USGS (www.usgs.gov) and University of Hawaii (https://www.soest.hawaii.edu/soestwp/).

Research groups

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  • CO2Volc, a five year European Research Council funded project with the objectives of improving our understanding of both volcanic carbon emissions and volatile recycling at subduction zones.
  • The DisEqm project, the core aim of which is to create an empirically-constrained quantitative understanding of disequilibrium processes in basaltic volcanism.

Research Group Members

A list of staff and students in the group, with links to their web profiles and contact details.

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