Academic Staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Kate Brodie Senior Lecturer 0161-2753948 Williamson Building - 1.48 
Prof Mike Burton Chair in Volcanology 0161-3066745 Williamson Building - 1.50 
Dr Stephen Covey-Crump Senior Lecturer 0161-53945/53823 Williamson Building - G19 
Prof Giulio Di Toro Visitor 0161-3066735 Williamson Building - 1.15 
Dr Margaret Hartley Lecturer in Earth Sciences 0161-3066869 Williamson Building - 1.54 
Dr Julian Mecklenburgh Lecturer in Structural Geology 0161-2753821 Williamson Building 
Dr Brian O'Driscoll Senior Lecturer in Petrology 0161-2753828 Williamson Building - 1.19 
Dr Alison Pawley Senior Lecturer In Earth Sciences 0161-2753944 Williamson Building - G25 
Prof Ernest Rutter Professor of Structural Geology 0161-2753945 Williamson Building - B.63 

Support Staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Mr Steven May Experimental Officer 0161-2753945 Williamson Building - B.63 

Research Staff


Mike Chandler

Shale Geomechanics and Fracture Mechanics 0161 275 3945 Williamson Building - B.63

Michele Fondriest

Fault Mechanics (from Field to Lab)   Williamson Building - 2.69

François Passelegue

Weakening and Rupture Processes of Faults 0161 275 0760 Williamson Building - 1.53

Margherita Polacci

Senior Research Fellow   Williamson Building - 2.52

Rochelle Taylor

Shale Geomechanics and Petrophysics 0161 275 3945 / 0161 275 0760 Williamson Building - B.63 / 1.53

Jake Tielke

Volatiles in the Upper Mantle 0161 275 3945 Williamson Building - B.63

Research Students

NameProject title

Stefano Aretusini 

Frictional processes of clay-rich gouges in megathrust and landslide décollement environments

Harriet Howe  Stabilities of phyllosilicates in subduction zones

Rosanne McKernan

Petrophysical characteristics of mudstones in relation to lithofacies
Lorenzo Valetti Detachment faulting in the southeastern Sorbas basin, SE Spain
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