Academic Staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Ray Burgess Professor of Isotope Geochemistry 0161-2753958 Williamson Building - G13 
Ms Vera Assis Fernandes Staff 
Prof Jamie Gilmour Professor of Planetary Science 0161-2753681 Williamson Building - 1.72 
Dr Greg Holland Senior Lecturer in Terrestrial Noble Gas Geochemistry Williamson Building 
Dr Rhian Jones Reader in Isotope Geo & Cosmochemistry 0161-2753809 Williamson Building - G.29 
Dr Katherine Joy Royal Society University Research Fellow / Reader 0161-2753817 Williamson Building - G17 
Prof Ian Lyon Professor of Cosmochemistry 0161-2753942 Williamson Building - 1.68 
Prof Grenville Turner Emeritus Professor 0161-2750401 Williamson Building - G56 

Research Staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Patricia Clay Research Fellow 0161-2756908 Williamson Building - 1.13 
Dr Sarah Crowther Research Fellow 0161-56908/50385 Williamson Building 
Dr John Pernet-Fisher Research Associate 0161-2756908 Williamson Building - 1.13 
Dr Torsten Henkel Visitor 0161-2756908 Williamson Building - 1.13 
Dr Lorraine Ruzie Research Associate 0161-2756908 Williamson Building - 1.13 
Dr Kathryn Street Research Staff Williamson Building 
Dr Romain Tartese Research Fellow 0161-2756908 Williamson Building - 1.13 
Dr Zheng Zhou Visitor Williamson Building 

Support Staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Ms Gemma Coleman Project Administrator/Administrative Assistant 0161-50401/50372 Williamson Building - G65/G.02 
Dr John Cowpe Senior Experimental Officer 0161-2750384 Williamson Building - G67 
Dr Lydia Fawcett Staff 0161-2750384 Williamson Building - G67 

Research Students

NameProject title
Rickbir Bahia The evolution of surface topography on Mars from channel networks
Samantha Bell Crystal storage and transfer in lunar magmatic systems
Elliot Carter Compositional heterogeneity in the oceanic mantle: insights from the halogen and noble gas systematics of ophiolites
Alex Clarke The extraction and study of presolar silicon carbide (SiC) grains Alex Clarke
Connaugh Fallon Nuclear forensics of radioactive particles in the environment
Benjamin Farrant Volatile Components and Impact Melt Processing in the Early Solar System
Alex Griffiths Chemical differentiation processes on planetary embryos - an isotope perspective
Lewis Hughes Halogens in hydrous minerals: concentrations, partitioning behaviour and stability within the Earth's mantle
Lisa Jepson Halogens in volcanic systems and their fluxes to the oceans and atmosphere
Amy Kelly Precious metal concentration in open-system magma chambers: Insights from the halogen concentrations of chromitite
Thomas Lawton Understanding the Solar System through the Xenon Isotopic Record
Rebeca Lopez Adams Exploring the metal-microbe interface using advanced mass spectrometry techniques
Dayl Martin Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Planetary Regolith Analogues for Remote Sensing Applications
Fran McDonald The origin and evolution of volatiles in the Earth-Moon system
Aimee Smith High-temperature events in the protoplanetary disk: Formation conditions of chondrules and refractory inclusions
Zoltan Taracsak Melt generation, mixing and degassing at El Hierro, Canary Islands
Javiera Villalobos Orchard Mass-dependent fractionation of molybdenum isotopes in high-temperature systems
Emma Waters Halogen heterogeneity in the Icelandic mantle source
Carmen Zwahlen Gas-water-rock interactions in CO2 and CO2-H2S reservoirs
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