mars meteorite

Mars has experienced a complex geological, hydrological and atmospheric history. Oceans were likely once present on its surface, and rivers carved valley networks into its volcanic crust. Prior to 4 billion years ago its atmosphere was likely much thicker, and conditions on its surface may have been conducive for life. Mars is the focus of much planetary exploration with orbiting satellites and surface landers and rovers revealing fascinating landscapes.

In Manchester we study samples of Mars that have been collected here on Earth as martian meteorites, which are found in hot and cold deserts and as meteorite falls. We study these samples in our laboratories using a variety of techniques and to address critical science topics including:

•    The Fe-isotope composition of carbonates in martian meteorites using   methods to better understand the history of the martian carbon cycle
•    The noble gas history of Mars  to understand the interaction between the atmosphere, the surface and the planetary interior
•    The halogen history of Mars to understand volatile reservoirs and cycles
•    The age of lava flows and impact events on Mars to constrain its geological evolution

We also study images of the martian surface to help develop advanced computer vision pattern recognition programmes. This work is done in collaboration with the Image Analysis group in the School of Medicine.


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