Planets and the Moon

We compare and contrast fundamental processes that shape the formation and evolution of the terrestrial planets. This comparative planetology approach allows us to better understand their formation and differentiation, and their modification by magmatism, impact bombardment, climate and sedimentation. Together this knowledge provides an understanding of the conditions for life in the universe, and a better understanding of our own origins on Earth. Further details of our research of planets and the Moon can be found by following the links below:


Unlocking the evolution of Mars and its atmosphere through sample analysis and surface imagery.


Mapping the surface composition of the smallest of the terrestrial planets.

The Moon

Investigating the geological evolution of the Moon and the record it contains of Solar System history through sample analysis and surface imagery.

Volatile Evolution of Terrestrial Planets

Uncovering the divergent histories of the planets Mars and Earth through the evolution of their noble gases and halogens.

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