Our group studies the Earth and Solar System  by analysing extraterrestrial and terrestrial samples with the latest techniques of isotopic and elemental analysis. Group interests range from the prehistory of the solar system (studying the material from which it was made) through the chronology of the formation process to subsequent evolution of minor bodies and terrestrial planets.

Clean Rooms

We have a class 1000 clean room facility and a cosmic Dust Lab.


Interstellar Dust Laser Explorer is a time-of-flight laser instrument that is used for the in-situ analysis of almost all elements with high spatial resolution, high mass resolution and high sensitivity. Its main purpose is the analysis of interstellar (presolar) grains.


Multi Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer.

Noble Gas Laboratories

A conventional noble gas mass spectrometer system and two multi collector noble gas mass spectrometers.


Refrigerator Enhanced Laser Analyser for Xenon is a unique resonance ionisation mass spectrometer with detection limits of a few 10s of atoms.

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