Academic Staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Kevin Taylor Head of School 0161-2758557 Williamson Building 
Dr Merren Jones Senior Lecturer, Director of Teaching and Learning 0161-2753943 Williamson Building - 1.70 
Dr David Hodgetts Reader 0161-2753806 Williamson Building 
Prof Jonathan Redfern Chair of Petroleum Geoscience 0161-2753773 Williamson Building - 2.69 
Dr Simon Brocklehurst Senior Lecturer in Earth Surface Processes 0161-2753037 Williamson Building 
Dr Neil Mitchell Reader in Marine Geophysics Williamson Building 
Dr Cathy Hollis Reader in Petrophysics and Production Geoscience 0161-3066583 Williamson Building - 2.48 
Prof Mads Huuse Professor 0161-2753811 Williamson Building 
Dr Stefan Schroeder Senior Lecturer 0161-3066870 Williamson Building - 4.63 
Prof Stephen Flint Professor 0161-3066971 Williamson Building - 2.42 

Research Staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Emma Finch Senior Computing Officer Williamson Building 
Dr Rufus Brunt Lecturer (Teaching Focused) 0161-3066816 Williamson Building 

Associated Staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Ernest Rutter Professor of Structural Geology 0161-2753945 Williamson Building - B.63 

Research Students

NameProject title
Aisha Al Hajri Timing of porosity generation at the Shuaiba/Nahr Umr boundary
Salem Al Hammami Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the Jurassic-Cretaceous of the UAE
Haitham Al Ziayyir Basin Architecture of Zubair Formation and its relationship to Reservoir characteristics in selected oilfields southern Iraq
Angel Arantegui Characterisation of Early Cretaceous Depositional Systems along the Atlantic Passive Margin, Morocco
Sayed Behbehani Controls on petrophysical properties of the Mauddud Formation, Bahra and Sabriyah Fields, Kuwait
Uzochukwu Benjamin Seismic Stratigraphy and Fluid Flow of the Late Cenozoic, Deepwater Niger Delta
Ginny Marie Bradley Developing better reservoir models for Early Palaeozoic, (pre land plants), mixed continental/marine depositional systems, with improved reservoir characterisation and architectural input
Catherine Breislin Basin-scale mineral and fluid processes at a palaeo-platform margin, Lower Carboniferous, UK
Brian Burnham Stratigraphic evolution of a low-gradient, mixed-load fluvial system: Huesca fluvial fan, Ebro Basin, Spain
Piyaphong Chenrai Deformation and fluid flow above mobile substrates: seismic interpretation constrained by numerical modelling
Peter Del Strother Platform dynamics and diagenetic modification on a land-attached carbonate platform, Lower Carboniferous, North Wales
Eoin Dunlevy Shelf edge processes and reservoir architecture on high-sedimentation rate margins, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
Kara English Burial and diagenetic history of Ordovician sandstones in the Illizi basin, Algeria
Luz Gomis Cartesio Sedimentology, depositional architecture and sequence stratigraphy of the shallow marine to non-marine transition in the Karoo Basin, South Africa
Marcello Gugliotta Tidal-Fluvial transitions and their stratigraphic significance
Rashad Gulmammadov

Seismic Geomechanics of Mud Volcanoes

Rachel Harding Evolution of the Giant Southern North Sea Delta: Testing sequence stratigraphic concenpts and the global sea level curve with full three-dimensional control
William Head Digital outcrop characterisation and fracture modelling for a Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) in a crystalline basement
Georgina Heldreich Quantitative analysis of mixed continental/marine depositional systems: developing better architectural models and improved reservoir characterisation in reservoir models
Jesal Hirani Fault-fracture related dolomitisation in Eocene remobilised carbonates, Hammam Faraun Fault block, Gulf of Suez (Egypt)
Atunima Jonathan Geostatistical analysis of fluvial reservoir systems for reservoir characterization
Sarah Kenworthy The Bowland Shale of the UK: development of new sedimentological and diagenetic models for a major UK hydrocarbon reservoir
Rachel Lamb Pleistocene glaciations of the Central North Sea using basinwide 3D seismic data
Jonathan Lavi Analogues for Cenomanian-Turonian shallow marine platform systems
Tim Luber Characterisation of Early Cretaceous Depositional Systems along the Atlantic Passive Margin, Morocco
Lin Ma Multi-scale imaging of pore- and organic-structure in shale gas reservoirs
Lucy Manifold Sedimentological and diagenetic characterisation of Mississippian and Pennsylvanian carbonate platforms
Richard McAllister Diagenetic modifications in the Eagle Ford Shale Gas reservoir: implications for physical and chemical properties
Rosanne McKernan Characterising the fracture properties of the Eagle Ford Shale, Texas
Aurelian Meyer Porosity modification of the Shuaiba Formation, Al Shaheen Field, offshore Qatar
Leonardo Muniz Pichel Tectono-stratigraphic Evolution of a Continental Margin Undergoing Gravitational Deformation
Richard Newport Dolomitisation of mid-Cretaceous strata of the western Tethys
Andrew Newton Glaciation of the Norwegian Shelf since 2.6 Ma: integrating geomorphological and stratigraphic information from 3D seismic, boreholes and land areas
Emmanuel Nformi Sequence stratigraphic and seismic facies characterisation offshore Mauritania
Tu Anh Nguyen Impact of the tectonic inversion in  the Miocene on the migration and accumulation of oil and gas in Song Hong basin
Oluwatobi Olobayo Remobilization and Injection of clastic sediments in the North Sea and Deep Water Niger Delta: A link to silica diagenesis and fluid flow
Ayomiposi Oluwadebi Sequence stratigraphy of Miocene-Pliocene strata of the Niger Delta, Nigeria
Maria Ramnath Thin bedded reservoirs in the Plio-Pleistocene of the Columbus Basin, Offshore Trinidad: Challenges of reservoir architecture, quantification and characteristics
Nathan Rochelle-Bates Regional tectonostratigraphy of the pre-salt in the Benguela-Namibe Basins, Angola
Mohammed Salem Subsurface structural evolution of the Sirt Basin using geophysical techniques
Thomas Seers Multiscale characterization of flow heterogeniety within clastic reservoir analogues
Alexander Sharples Cenozoic evolution of the southern Australian margin
Kathryn Street The timing of volcano-ice interactions and deglaciation in Iceland
Tracey Vaitekaitis Mancos Shale, Utah: Implications of sequence stratigraphy, microfacies and compositional variability for shale gas reservoir structure
Declan Valters Linking Mesoscale Atmospheric Dynamics with Landscape Evolution Models
Jianpeng Wang Sequence stratigraphic, sedimentary and diagenetic characteristics of organic-rich shales in Songliao Baxon
Matthew Warke Stratigraphic and geochemical framework of the Palaeoproterozoic rise in atmospheric oxygen: Transvaal Supergroup (South Africa)
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