STRAT Group Collaborative Research Partners

The STRAT Group is involved in collaborative research with universities, research institutes and companies all around the world


Anadarko: SLOPE2, SLOPE3 and SLOPE4, LOBE project
Bayerngas: LOBE project
BG: SAIGUP and LOBE projects
BHPBilliton: SLOPE2, SLOPE3, SLOPE4, LAJAS and LOBE projects
Chemostrat Inc: BEAUFORT project
Chevron: SLOPE project, SLOPE2, SLOPE3, LOBE and BEAUFORT projects
ConocoPhillips: SLOPE1, SLOPE2, SLOPE3 and SLOPE 4
Dong Energy: LOBE project
E.ON: SLOPE2, SLOPE3, SLOPE4 and LOBE projects
ExxonMobil: SLOPE1, SLOPE2 and SLOPE3
GDF Suez/Engie: SLOPE2, SLOPE3 and SLOPE4
Landmark: Sakhalin project
Maersk: SLOPE2, SLOPE3, SLOPE4 and LOBE projects
Marathon: LOBE project
Murphy Oil & Gas: SLOPE2, SLOPE3, SLOPE4
Nexen: SLOPE2, SLOPE3, SLOPE 4 and BUZZARD projects
Petrobras: SLOPE2, SLOPE3, SLOPE4 and LOBE projects
Premier: SLOPE2, SLOPE3, SLOPE4 and LOBE projects
Roxar: SAIGUP project
Saudi Aramco: Silurian Clinoforms
Schlumberger Research: NOMAD project, SLOPE2 and SLOPE3; Petrel support
Shell: SAIGUP project, Sakhalin project, SLOPE2, SLOPE3, SLOPE4 and LOBE projects
Statoil: NOMAD project, SLOPE1, SLOPE2, SLOPE3, SLOPE4, LAJAS, Breathit and LOBE projects
Total: SLOPE2, SLOPE3, SLOPE4 and LOBE projects
Tullow Oil: SLOPE2 and SLOPE3
VNG Norge: SLOPE2, SLOPE3 and SLOPE 4, LOBE project, LAJAS Project
Woodside: SLOPE2, SLOPE3, SLOPE4, LOBE and LAJAS projects

Universities & research institutes:

Council for Geosciences (South Africa): Beaufort Project
Delft, Netherlands:
NOMAD project and LOBE Project
Heriot-Watt University: SAIGUP project
Imperial College, London: SAIGUP project & sequence stratigraphy
Kentucky Geological Survey (USA):
Breathit Project
La Plata, Argentina:
Sequence stratigraphy of the Neuquen basin (Lajas and LOBE 2 projects)
National Oceanographic Centre, UK:
Sediment transport modelling
Newcastle, Australia:
Sequence stratigraphy of coal and coal bearing strata
N.R. (Norwegian Computing Centre): SAIGUP project
Queens's University, Ontario:
Lajas tidal reservoirs project
Stellenbosch, S.Africa: NOMAD project, SLOPE project and LOBE Project
TNO, Netherlands: SAIGUP project
University of Bergen, Norway: Sequence stratigraphy & reservoir modelling
University College Dublin, Ireland: SAIGUP project

University of Texas at Austin: Lajas tidal reservoirs project
University of Western Australia: Beaufort and SLOPE 4 projects

West Virginia University (USA): SLOPE 4

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