The overarching goal of the consortium is to build a world-leading centre of expertise in carbonate petroleum geoscience focussed on process-based predictive understanding of deposition, deformation and diagenesis (PD3) in carbonate systems.

This will be achieved by integration of quantitative geological observations and experimental forward models. Process-led interpretations will be derived that constrain the controls upon, and interaction of, sedimentological, structural and diagenetic evolution of carbonate platforms and their impact on reservoir properties.

The consortium builds on expertise in carbonate geoscience from four leading European Universities:

  • University of Manchester offers internationally recognised expertise in carbonate sedimentology, diagenesis and petrophysics with world-class laboratories for digital outcrop modelling, seismic interpretation, petrographical analysis and geochemistry
  • University of Bergen has a world-class reputation in tectono-stratigraphy, fault and fracture analysis and digital outcrop modelling
  • University of Bristol has an international reputation for hydrogeology, fluid flow modelling and reactive transport modelling
  • Royal Holloway, University of London provides world-leading research into basin evolution, sequence stratigraphy, seismic and stratigraphic forward modelling

PD3 operates through joint-supervised, integrated, thematic, collaborative postgraduate and post-doctoral research projects.

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