Tectonics and sedimentation

Sedimentation and tectonics is one of the research themes where Basin Studies has an international reputation for innovative research. We are interested in understanding the structural controls on sedimentation and stratigraphic evolution at all scales, and in all basin settings, ranging from continental extension to salt tectonics. There are strong links between this research theme and those dealing with landscape evolution, basin structure, and sedimentology.

We examine areas of active deformation (e.g. Greece, Basin and Range) in order to determine the rates and magnitudes of structural and sedimentary processes, and the interaction and feedbacks between tectonics, sedimentation, climate and sea-level change. These areas allow a source-to-sink analysis of the catchment-depositional system over relatively short geological times scales. The longer-term development of fault/fold arrays and associated evolution of syn-tectonic sediments are studied using both outcrop and subsurface, 3D seismic datasets.

Our study of natural systems is also supported by development of coupled, 3D numerical modelling of the tectonic-landscape-sedimentary system in order to interrogate the effect of fault/fold array growth on erosion, sediment transport and deposition. Numerical modelling uses both dedicated facilities within the School and the University's supercomputing and visualisation infrastructure.

Contact: jonathan.redfern@manchester.ac.uk

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