Basin Studies and Petroleum Geoscience / Engineering

Our research incorporates all aspects of the sedimentary basin system, from source to sink and from micro- to macro-scales. Projects integrate structural, sedimentological and geomorphic studies and span the fundamental and petroleum geosciences. We use state-of-the-art acquistion, modelling and interpretation tools on a wide range of landscape, outcrop and subsurface datasets. The Basins Group Newsletter 2016 provides an outlook on current research and achievements within the Group.

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  • Prof Kevin Taylor and Rosanne McKernan received the Braunstein Prize in Denver for the best AAPG poster at the AAPG meeting in 2014.
    Co-awardees: Prof Ernie Rutter, Dr Julian Mecklenburgh and Dr Steve Covey-Crump.


    Teton Range, Wyoming

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    Group members

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    LiDAR collection, Egypt

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