Academic Staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Stephen Boult Environmental MSc Programme Director 0161-2753867 Williamson Building 
Dr Victoria Coker Lecturer in Environmental Mineralogy 0161-2753803 Williamson Building - G15 
Prof Jonathan Lloyd Professor of Geomicrobiology 0161-2757155 Williamson Building 
Prof Katherine Morris BNFL Research Chair in Geological Disposal. 0161-2757541 Williamson Building - G35 
Prof Richard Pattrick Professor of Earth Sciences.. Williamson Building 
Prof David Polya Professor of Environmental Geochemistry 0161-2753818 Williamson Building - G27 
Dr Clare Robinson Senior Lecturer 0161-2753296 Williamson Building 
Prof Sam Shaw Professor of Environmental Mineralogy 0161-2753826 Williamson Building - G23 
Dr Bart Van dongen Reader in Organic Geochemistry 0161-3067460 Williamson Building - 2.50 
Prof Phillip Manning Professor of Natural History (STFC Science in Society Fellow) 0161-2753824 Williamson Building - 4.65 
Prof David Vaughan Emeritus Professor Williamson Building - 4.61 
Prof Roy Wogelius Professor of Geochemistry Williamson Building 

Support Staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Mrs Catherine Davies Health and Safety Advisor, Technical Services Manager 0161-3066573 Williamson Building - B08B 
Mr Alastair Bewsher Senior Technician 0161-2750387 Williamson Building - 1.25A 
Mr Christopher Boothman Senior Experimental Officer Williamson Building 
Mr Paul Lythgoe Senior Experimental Officer 0161-2753834 Williamson Building - 1.22A 

Research Staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Dr Helen Downie Project Manager (n8 Agri-food) Sackville Street Building 
Dr Nicholas Edwards Visitor 
Dr Laura Richards Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow 

Associated Staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Prof Francis Livens Interim Director, Dalton Nuclear Institute 0161-2754325 Pariser Building - FLOOR G 
Dr Gareth Law Senior Lecturer in Analytical Radiochemistry 0161-3060514 Chemistry Building - 5.56 
Prof Ian Hillier Emeritus Professor 
Dr Neil Burton Reader 0161-2754684 Chemistry Building - 7.32 
Prof Gareth Morris Professor of Physical Chemistry 0161-2754665 Chemistry Building - 7.19 


Other Researchers

Prof Alham Al-langawi

Research Students

NameProject title
Ms Jennifer Anne Synchrotron-based imaging of soft tissue structures and element inventories from the fossil record
Nicola Ashton The Microbial Response To The Soil Chemistry Defined By The Tellus Database, Northern Ireland
Mr Naji Bassil  
Mr Ashley Brown  
Mr Micael Crouch  
Miss Victoris Evans  
Dr Jon Fellowes  
Miss Joanne Foulkes  
Mrs Irma Gonzalez Molecular fungal diversity and its ecological function in sand dunes
Ms Fabiola Guido-Garcia  
Ms Martha Jiménez-Castañeda Critical role of organic matter in the natural attenuation of acid mine drainage
Miss Seema Khattak Arsenic exposure and risk assessment in Ground water of Pakistan
Mr Richard Kimber  
Mrs Diana Kountcheva Mineralisation and Biomineralisation of Radionuclides
Mr Tim Marshall Radionuclide speciation during mineral reactions in the chemically disturbed zone around a geological disposal facility
Mr Daniel Middleton  
Ms Laura Newsome Bioremediation of radioactively contaminated land
Mr Arthur Nwachukwu Improved Ground-gas Risk Prediction Using In-Borehole Gas Monitoring
Mr Stuart Rae Spatial and temporal variations in physical and chemical character of natural organic matter in natural waters
Mrs Ayca Do─črul Selver The impact of hyper-alkaline fluids from a geological radioactive waste repository on the biological and physical characteristics of the host rock environment
Miss Sarah Smith The impact of hyper-alkaline fluids from a geological radioactive waste repository on the biological and physical characteristics of the host rock environment
Ms Clare Thorpe Biogeochemistry of Radionuclide Contaminated Land
Mr Fabian Escobedo Victor  
Mr Matthew Watts  
Mr Adam Williamson  
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