Metal reducing bacterium

Housed in the Williamson Research Centre for the Molecular Environmental Science, we combine the techniques of microbiology and molecular biology with physical, chemical and modelling approaches to understand the role that microorganisms play or have played in key geological processes. Fundamental work aims to identify the biogeochemical controls on mineral cycles in a range of environments; including the iron and sulfur cycles, as well as those of toxic metals including arsenic, chromium, technetium, and transuranics.

This work is facilitated by excellent infrastructure to study the biological, mineralogical and geochemical components of such cycles at a molecular scale. Also under investigation are innovative approaches that can be used to guide natural biogeochemical cycles to drive the remediation of land and water contaminated by metals, radionuclides and toxic organics.  Find out more at the web pages of the Geomicrobiology group.

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