Radionuclide Biogeochemistry

Radionuclide Biogeochemistry laboratory

Radiochemistry lab designed for research into molecular scale understanding of the behavior of radionuclides in natural and engineered environments. Work includes fundamental radionuclide biogeochemistry with a range of actinides and fission products. This work is also applied to contaminated land remediation and geological disposal of radioactive wastes. Facilities include a fully licensed radiochemistry lab for use of isotopes and the ability to manipulate radioactive samples (minerals, biomass) under controlled conditions. The laboratory complements the work carried out in the Molecular Ecology, Geomicrobiology and Environmental Mineralogy Labs in SEAES.
Facilities include:
•         Radiochemistry lab
•         Coy anaerobic Cabinet with CO2 control
•         Fume cupboard
•         -80oC Freezer
•         Incubators (static/orbital)
•         UV/vis spectrophotometer
•         Centrifuge/Microfuges
•         Autoclave
•         pH/Eh meter
•         MilliQ Dispenser
•         Ovens (0 – 250oC)

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