Molecular Ecology Laboratory

molecular ecology laboratory

Laboratory for microbiological and molecular biological characterization of environmental samples in order to understand the role that microorganisms play in key geological processes. This includes the biological controls on mineral cycles in a range of environments as well as applications to the remediation of toxic metals and radionuclides, complementing the work carried out in the Geomicrobiology and Radionuclide Biogeochemistry labs.

Facilities include:
•    PCR machines including Q-PCR
•    Fume cupboards
•    PAGE/AGE tanks
•    UV workstations
•    Nanodrop spectrophotometer
•    Geldock system
•    DNA speedvac
•    Beadbeater
•    Plate spinner
•    Microfuge
•    -80 freezers
•    Static incubators
•    Microscope

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