Geomicrobiology laboratory

geomicro laboratory

Laboratory for research into the molecular scale understanding of microbe-metal interactions in the subsurface including freshwater, marine, brackish and acid mine drainage systems. Fundamental work investigates the biogeochemical controls on metal cycling in the environment with applications to remediation of land and water systems. Facility includes the ability to manipulate and store sediments under strict atmospheric and sterile conditions as well as monitor and characterize mineral and biological interactions. This Laboratory complements the work carried out in the Molecular Ecology and Radionuclide Biogeochemistry Laboratories.

Facilities include:
•    Coy anaerobic Cabinet
•    Fume cupboards
•    Class II microbiological safety cabinet
•    10°C cold room
•    Gas station (N2, CO2, H2)
•    Incubators (static/orbital)
•    UV/vis spectrophotometers
•    Centrifuge/Microfuges
•    Autoclaves
•    pH/Eh meter

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