cameca electron probe

Cameca SX-100 Electron Microprobe

The Cameca SX-100 Electron Microprobe (EMPA) is used for the quantitative analysis of a wide variety of samples for users across the University of Manchester and industry.

The EMPA is fitted with 5 wavelength dispersive spectrometers with a range of crystals and pseudocrystals for the analysis of elements from carbon and above. Large area crystals are also available for the analysis of low concentration elements, typically down to 100s of parts per million.

A large range of standards are available that cover the majority of the periodic table (including rare earth elements) in a variety of mineralogical settings. User specific standards can also be accommodated on request.

Samples are typically either 48mm or 76mm length thin sections or 1”(~26mm) or 1 ¼” (~31.8mm) polished blocks. Samples must be electrically conductive or have a coating of a conductive material (such as carbon or gold) in order to be analysed.

The EMPA is capable of producing both quantitative points, lines and grids as well as elemental maps.

Training Required: Training is performed on a one-to-one basis. Please contact Jon Fellowes for further information

Booking System: Instrument request forms available on request from Jon Fellowes. A completed, signed form must be returned prior to use of the instrument.

Location: Room B10, Williamson Building | Member of staff: Jon Fellowes

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