Royal Society Industrial Fellowship: Microbiology of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Jon Lloyd is seconded part-time to the National Nuclear Laboratory via a prestigious Royal Society Industrial Fellowship to enhance links between the University of Manchester’s world leading geomicrobiology programme and the nuclear industry.  The aim of this work is to develop sustainable biological programmes that address the decommissioning of nuclear contaminated environments and the long-term disposal of radioactive wasteforms. Making maximal use of Manchester’s research centres (including the WRC) and NNL’s “active” laboratories, this work  is being tackled via three interlinked research programmes incorporating cutting edge microbiological, mineralogical and geochemical techniques including genome sequencing, metabolomics, proteomics, nuclear and synchrotron imaging, HR-TEM and modelling. The three main task areas are:

1.     Microbial ecology of contaminated environments

2.   Microbial adaptation to high radiation fluxes

3.   Bioremediation of land contaminated with radioactive waste

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