Current Research Projects

  • Predicting Secular Changes in Arsenic Hazard in Circum-Himalayan Groundwaters (NERC Funded. Polya, Ballantine & van Dongen)

  • Adsorption and electrochemical oxidation of aqueous organic waste (TSB Funded. Polya,  van Dongen, Wogelius, Boult and Arvia)

  • Arsenic attributable health risks in the UK and Europe (Polya)

  • Water Food and Energy (Polya)

  • Biogeochemical Gradients and Radionuclide Transport (BIGRAD) Consortium (NERC Funded. Morris, Lloyd & Shaw)

  • Secondment for flow thorough bioreduction columns: towards environmental bioremediation at the Sellafield nuclear site (Morris & Lloyd)

  • Environmental Radioactivity Network (STFC Funded. Shaw & Law)

  • Interactions of Radium with Environmentally Relevant Iron Phases (Morris & Vaughan)

  • The Geochemistry of Fossil Pigment Preservation (NERC Funded. Wogelius, Manning, Sellers & van Dongen)

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