Postrgraduate funding for UK and EU students

Research Council funding

This is the most extensive source of funding available to research students and is usually provided by NERC, STFC, EPSRC or BBSRC . Research Council funding is allocated on a competitive basis (i.e. those with the best applications secure the funding) and subject to residential eligibility pays the complete fees (tuition fee and bench fee) plus a tax-free stipend of around £13,750 towards your living costs each year (currently EU students from outside the UK do not receive the stipend). This year the Manchester and Liverpool DTP on “Understanding the Earth, Atmosphere and Ocean” has available funding for a minimum of 12 PhD studentships. Applications should be received by the end of January in order to be considered for invitation for an interview for one of these funded studentships.

Project studentships

The School will be offering a number of funded PhD studentships for 2013 entry (awarded on a competitive basis to home and EU applicants only). These will be awarded to students who apply successfully for specific PhD research projects.

Faculty studentships

The Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences launched a scheme, known as Dean's Awards, in 2012 to fund a number of PhD studentships. These awards are open to all nationalities and research areas within the Faculty.

It is planned that these awards will be offered again in 2013. The awards will be are allocated to outstanding applicants seeking PhD training opportunities starting from September/October 2013. Based on the academic track-record of applicants, and evidence of research potential, the Faculty will select from across its 2013 applicants. 

The Faculty PhD Studentships will cover tuition fees plus a £14,000 stipend/living allowance.

You can find out more about Dean's Awards on Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences website.

Further information about postgraduate funding is available on the University website.

Industrial funding

There is a wide variety of industrial funding available. Such funding may take the form of sponsorship by a company or a bursary for a specific research project. It is generally left up to the student to arrange his/her own industrial funding, although you should feel free to contact us and find out if there are any industrial sponsors or funded projects available. Even if you can only secure part-funding from an industrial source you will be more likely to secure additional funds from the School to make up the difference.

Self-funding and external scholarships

Some students are able to cover some or all of their own funding, possibly from external scholarships. If you can partially fund your studies, you will be more likely to secure additional funds from the School to make up the difference. If you have full funding available you will be accepted if you meet the academic requirements (2:1 degree or equivalent) and providing a suitable project and supervisor can be arranged. 

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