Earth and Environmental Sciences related projects

Available PhD projects

Biotic interactions and biological mechanisms of metal remediation
Supervisors: Dr Jon K. Pittman (SEES), Dr Keith N. White (SEES)

Building a Fossil Insect Phylogeny
Supervisors: Dr Russell Garwood, Dr Robert Sansom, Dr Chris Knight, Dr David Legg

Building soil carbon through grassland diversity restoration
Supervisors: Professor Richard D. Bardgett (University of Manchester), Dr Clare H. Robinson (University
of Manchester) and Dr Bart E. van Dongen (University of Manchester)

Can stratigraphic sequences at all scales be explained by autogenic processes
Supervisors: Dr Rhodri Jerrett (University of Manchester), Dr Rob Duller (University of Liverpool), Dr
Silvio De Angelis (University of Liverpool)

Connecting the dots_ How do microbial networks in soil respond to climate change
Supervisors: Dr Franciska de Vries, Dr Chris Knight, Dr Johan Koskinen

Crack Conductivity and the Strength of the Lithosphere
Supervisors: Dr Julian Mecklenburg, Dr Dave Hodgetts and Prof Ernie Rutter

Developing Predictive Models for Toxic Metal Mobility
Supervisors: Prof. Kevin Taylor (University of Manchester), Prof David Polya (University of
Manchester), Prof Sam Shaw (University of Manchester)

Early Earth hydrosphere-lithosphere interactions
Supervisors: Dr Brian O’Driscoll, Dr Russell Garwood and Dr Neil Mitchell 

Evolution in Space
Supervisors: Dr Chris Knight, Dr Russell Garwood, Dr Rok Krašovec 

Groundwater and the Drinking Water Exposome in the United Kingdom
Supervisors: Profs David Polya & Roy Wogelius

High temperature properties of airborne dusts and their behaviour
Supervisors: Dr Alison Pawley, Dr Merren Jones, Dr Paul Williams, Dr Rory Clarkson (Rolls-Royce) Dr Nick Bojdo (MACE)

How does plant functional diversity modulate the response of mountain ecosystem
Supervisors: Professor Richard D. Bardgett (University of Manchester), Dr Clare H. Robinson (University
of Manchester) and Dr Bart E. van Dongen (University of Manchester)

Invisible Diversity_ The effects of plant genetic diversity on soil
Supervisors: Dr. Marina Semchenko, Dr. Franciska de Vries, Prof. Richard Bardgett

Linking Experimental Decay to the Fossil Record
Supervisors: Dr Robert Sansom, Dr Russell Garwood, Dr Bart van Dongen

Magama Chambers or Mush
Supervisors: Dr Julian Mecklenburgh, Prof Ernie Rutter, Prof Peter Lee, Dr Brian O’Driscoll and Prof Mike Burton

Microbe-mineral interaction and long-term mineral diagenesis
Supervisors: Dr Stefan Schroeder, Prof Roy Wogelius, Dr Bart van Dongen, Prof Jonathan Lloyd

Microbial controls on carbon loss from eroding and restored UK blanket peatland
Supervisors: Dr Clare Robinson, Professor Jon Lloyd, Professor Martin Evans

Modeling the Earths Past
Supervisors: Lead: Prof. David Schultz, Cosupervisor, Profs. Mike Burton, Mads Huuse, Jonathan
Redfern, Drs. Jonathan Fairman, Russell Garwood, and Rhodri Jerrett

Orchid and Fungal Interaction
Supervisor: Dr. Minsung Kim (SBS)

Paleoclimate reconstruction of the Baffin Bay region, west Greenland
Supervisors: Dr. Bart van Dongen, Prof. Mads Huuse, Dr Ian Kane

Phosphorus partitioning in semi-natural grassland
Supervisors: Professor David Johnson, Professor Richard Bardgett

Pressure Dependent Permeability of Chalk
Supervisors: Dr Julian Mecklenburgh, Prof Ernie Rutter, Prof Kevin Taylor and Dr Andrey Jivkov

Reactive melt flow in the lower oceanic crustal transition zone
Supervisors: Dr Brian O’Driscoll and Dr Margaret Hartley

Reconstruction of environmental responses to climate change using sediment cores
Supervisors: Dr Greg Holland (SEES), Prof Ray Burgess (SEES)

Removing organometallic compounds from wastewater
Supervisors: Drs Bart van Dongen and Stephen Boult and Profs Roy Wogelius and Dave Polya

Stability of Fukushima Diiachi Fuel Debris and Corium
Supervisors: Dr Gareth Law, Prof. Katherine Morris, Prof. Francis Livens

Strategies for Plant Survival_ How do plants avoid getting sunburnt
Supervisors: Dr Giles Johnson and Dr Franciska de Vries

The fluid dynamics of magma replenishment in precious metal-enriched...
Supervisors: Dr Brian O’Driscoll, Dr Chris Johnson, Prof Anne Juel

The Geochemistry of Chert Fossils in Deep Time
Supervisors: Dr Russell Garwood, Dr Romain Tartese, Prof Roy Wogelius, Dr Brian O’Driscoll,
Prof Ray Burgess, Dr Bart Van Dongen

The interaction between fracturing and high temperature plastic deformation
Supervisors: Dr Steve Covey-Crump (Manchester), Dr Betty Mariani (Liverpool)

The soft tissue fossil record to elucidate the origin and diversification of...
Supervisors: Dr Robert Sansom, Prof Roy Wogelius, Dr Joseph Keating

Threats from submarine landslides around Atlantic volcanic islands and Atlantic
Supervisors: Drs. Neil C. Mitchell and Bart E. van Dongen

Tracing Earths Early Oxygenation by Synchrotron Element Mapping of Microbialites
Supervisors: Dr Stefan Schroeder, Prof Roy Wogelius, Dr Mike Buckley, Dr Bart van Dongen, Prof 
Jonathan Lloyd

Tracing the Cycle of Halogens and Noble Gases in Subducting Serpentine
Supervisors: Dr Brian O’Driscoll, Dr Alison Pawley, Prof Ray Burgess, Dr Greg Holland

Understanding soil-to-plant uranium transfer and plant adaptation
Supervisors: Dr Jon K. Pittman (SEES), Dr Clare H. Robinson (SEES), Dr Gareth T.W. Law (Chemistry)

Understanding the role of microorganisms in the formation of ironsulfides
Supervisors: Dr Bart van Dongen, Dr Vicky Coker and Prof Jonathan Lloyd

Using Genomic and Post-Genomic tools to Identify the Geomicro-biological basis
Supervisors: Jon Lloyd (SEES), Bart van Dongen (SEES), Dave Polya (SEES)


























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The research projects described here should give you a taste of the topics and scope we cover. We welcome project suggestions from prospective students, who should initially contact the appropriate research group to discuss the feasibility of their own ideas and identify a supervisor.

Please get in touch with the School or contact the Basin Studies and Petroleum Geoscience research leaders directly.

Project spotlight

Source-to-Sink Analysis of Rift Basin Tectonics and Sedimentation

Jonathan Smith says: "My research focuses upon regional scale, S2S systems in modern-day rift settings such as the Red Sea, Rio Grande, and Basin and Range.  Rift basins are generally well studied and facies models well established, however, the majority of studies view individual sub-basins in isolation and rarely take into account the interaction between adjacent sub-basins. Although not ignoring simple footwall-hangingwall relationships, this study places an emphasis on regional drainage evolution, particularly between sub-basins of different elevations, often adhering to different base-levels.  By examining a number of rift settings in varying stages of maturity, evolution of regional S2S systems is assessed."

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