Atmospheric Sciences

Our research covers a wide range of topics in atmospheric physics and chemistry, covering clouds and aerosols, radiative transfer, atmospheric pollution and atmospheric dynamics.

Available PhD projects

A novel measurement of optical extinction by atmospheric aerosol
Supervisors: Hugh Coe, James Allan, Martin Gallagher, Paul Williams (UOM SEES)

Aerosol-Cloud Interactions
Supervisors: Prof. Gordon McFiggans, Prof. Hugh Coe (UoM, SEES)

Air Quality and Health
Supervisors:Prof. Gordon McFiggans, Prof. David Schultz, Dr David Topping (UoM, SEES), Prof. Andrew Brass (UoM, Computer Sciences), Dr Sheena Cruickshank (UoM Life Sciences)

Air quality_ New tools for investigating pollution
Supervisors:Dr. James Allan, Prof. Hugh Coe, Prof. Gordon McFiggans

Aircraft Observations of Atmospheric Aerosols
Supervisors: Hugh Coe, James Allan, Paul Williams, Martin Gallagher (UOM SEES)

Chamber Studies of Real Atmospheric Emissions
Supervisors: Prof. Gordon McFiggans, Dr Paul Connolly, Dr Rami Alfarra, Dr James Allan, Dr Paul Williams, Dr David Topping (UoM, SEES)

Clouds and Weather Systems
Supervisors: Prof G. Vaughan, Dr. P. Connolly and Dr C Dearden

Developing a novel system for measuring atmospheric fluxes of organic compounds
Supervisors: Hugh Coe, James Allan, Martin Gallagher, Carl Percival (UOM SEES)

Dispersion of Biogenic Aerosols in the Antarctic
Supervisors: Prof. Martin Gallagher (UMAN) Dr. Dave Topping (UMAN), Dr. James Allan (UMAN), Prof. Hugh Coe (UMAN), Prof. J. Lloyd (UMAN, Clare Robinson (UMAN) Dr. P. Williams (National Centre for Atmospheric Science)

Extreme Convective Storms Tornadoes, Strong Winds, Heavy Rain, and Hail
Supervisors: Prof. David Schultz, Prof. Geraint Vaughan, Dr. Luis Garcia-Carreras

Greenhouse Gas Sources Polar Regions
Supervisors: Dr. G. Allen, Prof., M. Gallagher

How do changes in the land surface influence climate
Supervisors: Dr. Luis Garcia-Carreras, Prof. Geraint Vaughan and Prof. David Schultz

Laboratory studies of cloud microphysical processes
Supervisors: Dr Jonathan Crosier, Dr Paul Connolly

Modelling and Obersvations of Seasonal Cloud Cimatology
Supervisors: Prof. M. Gallagher, Dr. P. Connolly, Dr. G. Lloyd, Prof. T. Choularton, Dr. J. Crosier

New Software to predict mass spectral fingerprints
Supervisors: Dr. David Topping (UMAN), Dr. James Allan (UMAN, National Centre for
Atmospheric Science), Dr Rami Alfarra (UMAN, National Centre for Atmospheric Science)

Novel LIDAR Instrumentals
Supervisors: Prof Geraint Vaughan and Dr Hugo Ricketts

Simultaneous analysis of organic gases and particles
Supervisors: Dr. James Allan, Dr. David Topping, Prof. Hugh Coe

Studying Ice Clouds using high resolution numerical models
Supervisors: Dr Jonathan Crosier, Dr Paul Connolly

The Use of Single Particle Mass Spectrometry
Supervisors: Hugh Coe, James Allan, Paul Williams (UOM SEES)

Value of weather and climate information for irrigated agriculture
Supervisors: Dr Timothy Foster (MACE), Prof David Schultz (SEES)

Variability of the Impacts of European Winter Windstorms
Supervisors: Profs. David Schultz and Geraint Vaughan

Weather and the Jetstream
Supervisors: Prof G. Vaughan and Prof D. M. Schultz

What controls the orographic rain shadow
Supervisors: Prof. David Schultz






Suggest your own

The research projects described here should give you a taste of the topics and scope we cover. We welcome project suggestions from prospective students, who should initially contact the appropriate research group to discuss the feasibility of their own ideas and identify a supervisor.

Please get in touch with the School or contact the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences directly.

Project spotlight

Sting Jets

Timothy Slater says: "I am researching 'sting jets', a mesoscale (medium size) weather feature of certain storms. These storms bring strong winds to the UK and can cause significant damage as in 'The Great Storm', 1987. The 'sting jet'  brings high momentum air from the middle atmosphere down to the surface (or at least near the surface) and can be the cause of the strongest winds within these storms. My research will look at the mechanisms and processes that cause this destructive phenomenon using the Weather and Research Forecasting (WRF) model.

"Previous to my study at Manchester, I completed a Masters degree in Mathematics and Physics (MMathPhys) at the University of Warwick. My final year project was on colliding quantum vortices and how they can cause energy dissipation in superfluids. In the summer of 2010 I was also lucky enough to have a summer placement at the Met Office where I did some work as part of the COLPEX (Cold Pooling Experiment) campaign which aims to improve the forecasting of fog in moderate terrain.

"Outside of my studies I enjoy most sports, especially football, and am an enthusiastic mountaineer and climber."

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