‌‌‌UK Oil and Gas Collaborative Doctoral Training Centre

Studentships for 2017 entry have now been filled. However, applicants who have secured their own source of funding may still be considered for one of the listed projects. Please refer to the below projects for more information. Applicants wishing to be considered for any project, will need to submit an online application selecting the appropriate research area from the drop down menu of the electronic application form.  

Further information about the Oil and Gas CDT can be found at: http://www.nerc-cdt-oil-and-gas.ac.uk/

Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Supervisors: Dr David Hodgetts | Dr Emma Finch

Basin-scale variability of mudstone in structurally controlled basins
Supervisors: Dr Rhodri Jerrett | Professor Steven Flint 

Diagenesis and reservoir potential of continental carbonates
Supervisors: Dr Stefan Schroeder | Dr Cathy Hollis

Discerning halokinetic from autocyclic sequences
Supervisors: Dr Ian Kane | Professor Steven Flint

Geological Uncertainty of CO2-EOR in North Sea tertiary oil fields
Supervisors: Dr Masoud Babaei | Professor Jonathan Redfern |Professor Mads Huuse 

Integrated subsurface characterization of a basin-scale carbon reservoir target
Supervisors:  Professor Mads Huuse |Professor Jonathan Redfern

Linking permeability and seismic properties of shales
Supervisors:  Dr Julian Mecklenburgh| Professor Ernie Rutter 

Removing organic contaminants from oil gas waste waters
Supervisors:  Dr Bart van Dongen| Dr Steve Boult

Spatio-temporal evolution of petrophysical properties of carbonate rocks
Supervisors:  Dr Vahid Niasar| Dr Cathy Hollis


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