In the interest of Health and Safety and safeguarding of equipment, staff within MAF will provide all users with hands-on training regarding the safe and efficient use of all instrumentation housed within the facility. Please contact individual area/instrument managers in the first instance to discuss your training needs and agree a mutually convenient time to commence training. As many members of MAF staff are responsible for a number of areas or pieces of instrumentation, they are often extremely busy. Staff will always try to priorities your training requirements but we ask for understanding from users as this may take several days to schedule depending on existing commitments.  

Staff will provide instruction, information and training regarding the optimal use of instrumentation, including advice on how to ensure the highest possible data quality is attained given the limits of the instrumentation in question. If you have any issue with the quality of any data generated in MAF, please discuss this with the member of staff responsible for the specific area/instrumentation in the first instance.


Mineral Analysis Facilities policy on training is: If you don’t know…ASK


Further enquiries

Further enquiries should be directed the Facility Manager Dr Richard Cutting.

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