Health and Safety

Laboratories associated with the Mineral Analysis Facility contain a range of physical and chemical hazards. For this reason, it is essential that all users comply with the robust Standard Operating Procedures and Safe Systems of Work in order to ensure that their health and/or safety are not compromised. 

Before commencing work

Before commencing any work in the Mineral Analysis Facility it is mandatory that all users must consult the  Facility Manager and School Safety Advisor:  Ms Catherine Davies or one of the other members of the technical services staff.

All work in areas that form part of the Mineral Analysis Facility is subject to the completion and authorisation of suitable and sufficient assessment of risk and/or CoSHH/radiological as is appropriate. If you are submitting samples for analysis (rather than undertaking analysis yourself) you still have a legal and moral obligation to inform MAF staff of any hazards associated with your samples.

Mineral Analysis Facility staff reserve the right to suspend any activity or refuse accept any samples not covered by a suitable and sufficient assessment of risk (including appropriate control measures).

Mineral Analysis Facilities policy on Health and Safety is…If you are unsure, ASK

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