Surface Area Analyser

The Gemini 2360 Surface Area Analyser

The Gemini 2360 Surface Area Analyser measures the surface area of samples by making use of the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) theory. Granulated or powdered samples are first purged of adsorbed water by heating under a stream of helium for several hours, using a Micromeritics Flowprep 060. The purged samples are then evacuated and cooled using liquid nitrogen, before nitrogen gas is admitted to the sample vial and an identical empty vial. A differential pressure transducer measures the imbalance in pressure between the sample and blank vials, caused by the adsorption of gas onto the sample surface. The system uses this data to calculate the number of molecules of nitrogen required to form a monolayer on the sample surface and, since the molecular dimension of nitrogen are known, calculates the surface area of the sample in square metres per gram.

Training Required: Please contact John Waters regarding any training requirements.

Booking System: Instrument request forms are available from John Waters. A completed, singed form must be returned prior to use/booking of the instrument.


Location: Room B28, Williamson Building  |  Member of staff: Dr John Waters


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