Scanning Tunneling Microscope

RHK-VG UHV-Scanning Tunneling Microscope

The instrument is a UHV STM/AFM instrument, RHK microscope, with UHV sample preparation and LEED/AES surface analysis facility. The microscope enables the determination of surface morphology and structure, including electronic structures of solid materials at atomic resolution at room temperature. The LEED/AES sample analysis will yield surface order parameters and elemental surface ratios with contaminants identified to ca. 3 %.         

Samples must be single crystal and may be prepared by in situ Ar+ ion cleaning and annealing or may be cleaved in situ to prepare a fresh clean surface. Facilities for gas dosing to assess sample reactivity are present on the microscope.

Location: Room B13, Williamson Building  |  Member of staff: Dr Paul Wincott



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