Scanning Electron Microscope

JEOL JSM-6400 SEM with Princeton Gamma Tech EDX system

The JEOL JSM-6400 is our work-horse Scanning Electron Microscope. The instrument is used extensively by both staff and students in a range of applications, although it is particularly popular for the imaging and analysis of petrographic specimens. Many users also use the instrument for the acquisition of elemental maps from polished thin sections of geological materials.

Training Required: Please contact Richard Cutting regarding any training requirements.

Booking System: Instrument request forms are available from Richard Cutting, or the file racks on the door to the ESEM laboratory. A completed, singed form must be returned prior to use/booking of the instrument. Once you have registered, you can book the instrument on-line.


Location: Room B12a, Williamson Building  |  Member of staff: Dr Richard Cutting




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