Mössbauer Spectrometer

Fastcomtec MCA-3 Mössbauer Spectrometer

This instrument is a Fastcomtec MCA-3 Mössbauer Spectrometer, with a 25 mCi Co-57 source and is equipped with a liquid N2 cryostat with temperature controller for experiments between 77K and 300K. Recoil commercial software is utilised for fitting of data.           

The spectrometer allows studies of the crystal chemistry of iron in minerals (oxidation state, spin state, co-ordination and covalence). Samples must be > 100mg of powder with at least 5% Fe content.  Samples will be mounted by staff. Powder samples can be mounted in a sealed anaerobic package.

Booking is strictly by arrangement with staff, experiments can only be run by staff/trained users.


Location: Room B14a, Williamson Building  |  Member of staff: Dr Paul Wincott


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