Atomic Force Microscope

Digital Instruments Nanoscope IIIA Atomic Force Microscope

 The instrument is a Digital Instruments Nanoscope IIIA Scanning Probe Microscope with facilities for in air (or in fluid) scanning experiments. The instrument provides contact and tapping mode Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM). A maximum scan size available of 150x150 mm with a maximum Z resolution of  0.3 nm and X-Y resolution of ca. 2 nm for AFM studies (STM atomic imaging is possible with suitable samples).     

 The microscope enables the determination of surface morphology and structure (including electronic structures with STM) of solid materials at very high magnification (in some cases attaining atomic resolution). Sample size is limited (<1cm diameter, ~1mm thick) and a clean flat surface essential. Suitability of material and appropriate preparations must be discussed with staff in advance.


Location: Room B17, Williamson Building  |  Member of staff: Dr Paul Wincott



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