Health and safety

All users of MAGU facilities are required to comply with the SEES Health & Safety Policy and Code of Practice and in particular those elements of policy and practice pertaining to MAGU facilities.

Before commencing any work using MAGU facilities, new users of the facilities must see the Laboratory Manager (or their designate) who will appraise them of the Health & Safety requirements.

All samples to be analysed in the Manchester Analytical Geochemistry Unit (MAGU) must be accompanied by a suitable written risk assessment. The assessment must contain a description of the type of materials being analysed together with details of any hazard they pose. A single COSHH risk assessment may be used to cover the analysis of a number of batches of identical samples. It is the responsibility of the person submitting samples to prepare the COSHH risk assessment (with advice from their supervisor if appropriate) and not the staff of the laboratory involved.

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SEES Health & Safety

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