Pyrolysis(Py)-GC and GC/MS


Pyrolyis in combination with GC or GC/MS enable the analysis of more intractable, involatile macromolecules, e.g. ligin, cellulose, chitin, directly from natural materials of interest. The CDS 5200 pyrolysis unit can pyrolyse solids, powders and liquids, has a clean and dry function and can be connected directly through the GC or GC/MS injector port via a heated transfer line, allowing quick switchover time. Up to 8 runs per sample all with their own GC start can be performed, either to the built-in trap or directly to the GC.

For more information about Py-GC/MS see the NERC life sciences mass spectrometry facility.


Location: Room 1.25c |  Member of Staff: Dr Bart Van Dongen or Mr Paul Lythgoe

Training required: ½ day in addition to the GC and/or GC/MS training |  Booking system: See Dr Bart Van Dongen and book via diaries in room 1.25C

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