Chemistry Laboratory

Location: 1.18| Member of staffDr. Karen Theis 

This laboratory is no longer managed by MAGU staff. Please contact Dr. Karen Theis for sample digestion / extraction for ICP-AES and or ICP-MS analysis.

The Chemistry Laboratory housed in Room 1.18 contains facilities for sample preparation and analytical method development available to both undergraduate and postgraduates.

Fume-cupboards with operating extractor fans are used to restrict lab users’ contacts with dangerous (particularly gaseous) substances which may be used or produced during (for example) dissolutions of solid samples with concentrated acids.

Drying ovens are running routinely at 50º for the drying of cleaned apparatus. We’ve found that most rinsed wet items of apparatus will dry adequately at 50º rather than using higher temperatures.
Another small oven can be controlled more precisely between 30º and 140º: to determine, for example, a sample’s weight loss at 110º.


Microwave digestion is used to attack resistant solid samples and dissolve them in (usually) very aggressive reagents. The samples are completely enclosed during treatment so that external contaminations (such as bits of operator and specks of Manchester) are excluded from sample solutions.

Deionised water We have equipment to produce 15 MΩ deionised water for general lab. use. The 18 MΩ deioniser can be used to prepare smaller volumes of even purer deionised water.

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