Booking procedures

All facilities within the Manchester Analytical Geochemistry Unit must be booked with the Laboratory Manager or his desginate prior to use.

Particularly if you are a new user of the facility, you will normally:

  1. consult with MAGU personnel regarding technical requirements & instrumental (if appropriate) technique selection; it is presumed by MAGU personnel that users will be aware and able to effectively communicate their data requirements, particularly with regard to:
    • number of samples
    • nature of samples
    • amount of each sample
    • determinands required
    • anticipated range of concentration of determinands
    • precision required
    • accuracy required.
  2. in line with health & safety guidelines conduct a risk assessment of the work carried out and complete a COSHH form as appropriate.
  3. undertake any training required. A booking form is normally required for all use/hire of AGU facilities or services.


Click here for Instrument booking form (Local users only)

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