In Abstract April 2017 - celebrating the Faculty's newest research findings.

The Faculty of Science and Engineering has published the second edition of 'In Abstract' a selection of its latest journal papers and newest research findings.  

This edition celebrates four publications by staff from the School:

'Not poles apart: Antarctic soil fungal communities show similarities to those of the distant Arctic'
Journal: Ecology Letters
Authors: Filipa Cox, Kevin K Newsham, Roland Bol, Jennifer A J Dungait, Clare H Robinson

'Ferrihydrite Formation: The Role of Fe13 Keggin Clusters'
Journal: Environmental Science and Technology
Authors: Joshua Weatherill, Katherine Morris, Pieter Bots, Tomasz Stawski, Arne Janssen, Liam Abrahamsen, Richard Blackham, Samuel Shaw

'Plant diversity and root traits benefit physical properties key to soil function in grasslands'
Journal: Ecology Letters
Authors: Iain J. Gould, John N. Quinton, Alexandra Weigelt, Gerlinde B. De Deyn, Richard D. Bardgett 

'Buried iceberg scours reveal reduced North Atlantic Current during the stage 12 deglacial'
Journal: Nature Communications
Authors: Andrew M.W. Newton, Mads Huuse, Simon H. Brocklehurst

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