BP achievement awards 2018 announced

On March 22nd, the winnders of the BP achievement awards, 2018 were announced. The applicants wrote  a 1,000-word essay on a specific subject. There were 22 entrants for ten £1000 prizes available. Congratulations to the following students from SEES who were recognised with an award:

Timon Walshe-Grey – Geology Yr1
Laura Austin-Sydes – Geology Yr2
Iestyn Ball – Geology Yr2
Velizar Vili Bachvarov – Env Science Yr1
Elizabeth Al Khalili – Env Science Yr1
Alastair Gilliver – Pet Eng Yr1
Chloe Maclennan – Pet Eng Yr2
Ilya Vassilyev – Pet Eng Yr2
Isabella Mcquillan – Env Science yr2
William Garrett – Env Science yr2

Thank you also to the staff on this year’s decision panel (led by Grant Allen, joined by Ann Webb, Steve Boult, Neil Mitchell, Martin Gallagher and Ian Kane); and to BP for their ongoing support for this important competition and prestigious award for our students.

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